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Meagan Gillespie, LMFT

Meagan Gillespie

Meagan Gillespie, LMFT

Payment for Services

 I accept self-paying clients via a secured web portal with the use of debit/credit cards. I also accept the following insurance via Headway: OSCAR HEALTH, UNITED HEALTH CARE, OXFORD, AETNA & CIGNA.

The search for a therapist that meets your needs can be overwhelming, so I commend you for taking the first big step. I would also like to thank you for your interest in my services and provide you with helpful information to learn more about how I can assist you, your partner or your family. Maintaining relationships can be challenging but with the right guidance you can restore intimate connection. As an Emotionally-Focused Marriage and Family Therapist, I lead couples and families to the healthy and loving relationships they deserve. I take pride in creating a safe space for couples and their families to speak freely without the fear of being judged. Together, we can heal past injuries, reduce painful conflicts and build new, more secure patterns of interaction. As your therapist, I aim to bring out the best in everyone, to foster positive relationships filled with joy. I believe that each client is an expert on their life and that I can offer professional guidance to overcome challenges with individuals in psychotherapy. We have all faced life challenges and can benefit from getting assistance to reach our full potential. I cherish the opportunity to help individuals work through various dilemmas by finding new and creative ways to meet their goals. With my help, I have witnessed individuals elevate to new heights and maintain their confidence throughout the change process.

Helping people on an individual and collective level has always interested me greatly. Working with people and knowing that I have a chance to make a significant impact in their lives by providing tools that can last a lifetime, has been fulfilling. My sense of humor and my authenticity allow me to form genuine bonds with the people I serve. I look forward to meeting you and working towards meeting your goals. For more information on my areas of expertise please review the information below.

Couples: We all long to be loved and have a genuine connection to our partner. However, a variety of circumstances may hinder the connection we desire. With my guidance, we will unpack the barriers to connection, restore healthy relationship dynamics and implement effective communication skills. Premarital services are also offered for couples who are preparing to transition into a union. Couples who wish to maintain their relationship, find it helpful to learn preventative skills to keep a good thing going. All genders and sexual orientations are welcomed.

Athletes: As a former collegiate (Division I) track and field athlete, I enjoy providing mental health services for athletes and their families. Common challenges that athletes encounter include struggles with time management, performance anxiety, self-worthlessness, balancing relationships, and transitioning out of sports. From lived experience and professional training, I will create a unique treatment plan to meet your personal needs.

Families: Behavioral patterns of a family member can impact other members in various ways. To achieve sustainable results, sometimes it is more effective to work with the whole family, rather than just working with an individual member. The general goal of family therapy is to guide clients to consider different perspectives and see how they may be contributing to the issue, while actively working towards a common resolution. As your family therapist, I will create a safe space for your family to openly address challenges and provide effective ways to manage conflict and promote healthy communication patterns.

Individuals: I thoroughly enjoy empowering individuals to overcome adversity, manage anxiety and eliminate depressive symptoms. I assist clients with learning effective ways to manage stress as well. I have experience with grief counseling for individuals and I have provided suicide prevention services for the veteran population as well. I primarily work with individuals ages 16+. With a person-centered approach, I can guide you to become attuned with your emotions, build self-esteem, resolve childhood trauma, set healthy boundaries and manage anxiety.

Cultural Sensitivity: I have built my expertise in cultural responsibility through intensive trainings, workshops, webinars, and mentorship by way of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AMMFT) Minority Fellowship. During our work together, I will be sure to assess how race, ethnicity, culture and gender may be impacting your life and the circumstances that led you to seek help. I am intentional about being inclusive and exercising holistic approaches that are culturally appropriate as well. I welcome you to contact me for a free consultation to explore ways I can assist you and/or your family. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Florida. I earned my Master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida with a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Virginia with a minor in Anthropology. Over the course of my professional experience, I have also obtained certificates in Emotionally Focused Therapy (for couples), Solution-Focused Substance Misuse Treatment, Relational Suicide Assessments, Trauma-Informed Practice, Advancing Youth Development, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, LBGTQ Awareness, Bias Awareness and Youth Development Principles.

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