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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy has been shown to be effective for a wide range of difficulties. In individual therapy, you meet one-on-one with a trained and caring therapist in our comfortable and private setting. You share the difficulties you seek to overcome and your desired changes. In individual therapy at TBCRP, you and your therapist work collaboratively, with you having a full voice about the direction and goals for individual therapy. Most sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled on a regular basis to facilitate the achievement of your goals.  

The confidential process allows you to explore your thoughts and emotions, address problems, change behavior patterns, work through challenging or distressing memories, and resolve conflicts. Your clinician will lead you through the process and provide expertise while you choose the pace and give input on the direction. With your therapist’s guidance, you can address difficult issues that are hard to face alone.

You’ll complete therapy knowing how to set and achieve personal goals and work toward your desired changes. Through therapy, you can expect to gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships, feel better about yourself, learn how to handle your emotions, understand what contributes to your symptoms and how to manage them, increase your coping strategies, overcome obstacles, regain your focus, and build your support systems.

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