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Jill Langer, Ph.D.

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Jill Langer, Ph.D.

Jill Langer, Ph.D.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about myself and my work. I am a compassionate and effective psychotherapist who will work closely with you to help you overcome the unique barriers and obstacles that have stopped you from reaching the happiness you deserve in your life. My approach is highly collaborative; I am flexible in tailoring my work to meet your personal needs and goals.

As a therapist, I highly value our working relationship and am invested in your personal growth. My clients describe me as warm, understanding, trustworthy, insightful, supportive, challenging, and skillful. I use a strengths-based approach to help you see yourself more accurately and productively.

In our work together, we will collaboratively help you set and accomplish your personal goals for therapy. I can help you explore what is not going well in your life and increase your self-understanding. We’ll look at your strengths as well as identify patterns that are working against you. We can work together to help you learn to let go of unsatisfying ways of thinking and behaving, and increase your ability to cope more adaptively with life’s challenges.

I help my clients increase their self-knowledge in ways that allow them to understand, honor and let go of the past so they can create their own future rather than being stuck in old, frustrating patterns of behavior. As you develop a clearer understanding of yourself and your impact on others, you’ll get “unstuck” from the unhealthy patterns in your life and position yourself to have more fulfilling relationships and experiences.

Women’s Issues – Including self-esteem and developing self-compassion, maintaining an intact sense of self across multiple roles and in relationships, assertiveness including identifying and honoring your own needs, and creating a healthy weight and body image while engaging in healthy eating patterns.

Gay and Lesbian Issues – When seeking therapy, it’s crucial that your therapist understands gay and lesbian culture so they are able to fully understand and support you in all aspects of your identity. I have expertise in effectively helping my clients address their concerns in a context that acknowledges and values issues salient to gay and lesbian-identified clients such as relationships concerns, family issues, religion/spirituality, honoring multiple identities, the coming out process, and creating a positive gay/lesbian identity despite societal discrimination, homophobia, and heterosexism.

Coping with Health Problems and Achieving Wellness – Dealing with ongoing health or medical problems can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. Medical doctors often do not have the time and resources to provide the understanding, guidance, and support that you need to successfully manage your health problem or illness. I provide support, wisdom, and skills that will allow you to improve your health and wellness despite these challenges. I can help support you in navigating the medical system. I can also help you better understand how physical, mental, and emotional health affect one another, empowering you to improve your health through lifestyle changes. I view you and your health holistically and support you in finding the optimal treatment plan which may involve both traditional and complementary methods of healing.

Creating more satisfying relationships – Many of our difficulties have their origins in our prior relationships with others (family, romantic partners, friends) where people have, intentionally or unintentionally, wounded and shaped us in ways that stick with us and cause problems in our current relationships. Since these wounds were caused in the context of a relationship, it is natural that they require another type of relationship to heal. The professional, therapeutic relationship between client and psychologist is a powerful setting in which this healing is facilitated, and I enjoy helping my clients through this process.

Depression – Depression is both very common and very debilitating. It robs you of your ability to enjoy life and of the energy you need to meet your ambitions. If you think you may be depressed, you don’t need to continue suffering in silence. I can help you recognize and address your symptoms in ways that will help you start feeling like yourself again. I approach depression treatment from a holistic perspective that will evaluate physical, emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal factors that are influencing your symptoms. This approach is highly effective in helping you both understand and treat your depression.

Anxiety – I have specialized training in the latest cognitive therapy techniques that effectively and rapidly resolve anxiety including generalized anxiety, shyness/social anxiety, performance anxiety, and panic attacks. These innovative treatment methods allow me to develop an individualized treatment plan that effectively targets your anxiety and will help you break free from the fears that inhibit you from pursuing what you want in your life.

Contact me at my confidential voice mail at (813) 748-3913. I can answer any questions you may have as well as schedule an initial appointment where we can address your concerns in greater detail.

I’ve been a Florida licensed psychologist since 2002 and have provided individual and group therapy for more than 15 years. I received my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology in 2001 from a top-rated counseling program at the University of Minnesota. My American Psychological Association-approved internship was at the University of Minnesota’s Counseling and Consulting Services and I completed my postdoctoral residency at New College of Florida/University of South Florida in Sarasota. I provided individual, group, and crisis counseling at the University of South Florida for 12 years and also have extensive experience in the supervision and training of psychologists-in-training.

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