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Jaclyn Lam, M.A., LMHC

jaclyn lam

Jaclyn Lam, M.A.

I guide my clients to gain personal insight and clarity to better navigate life and relationships. I join my clients on their journey to a place of true healing in which they can live freely and authentically. My goal is for therapy to be a safe and genuine experience in which the client feels heard, understood, and validated. I assist couples to a place of better connection and communication to enhance the relationship bond.

Working from evidence-based models, I strive to assist each client I see to a place of healing, peace, and contentment. I join clients in working through depression, anxiety, trauma, and interpersonal stress. With my specialization in relational healing, I assist individuals and couples to a more secure bond with loved ones in their lives. This not only improves our interpersonal functioning but enhances our own happiness and inner peace. Our lives can be greatly influenced by our early experiences and attachments; challenges during this time can cause us to disconnect from our authentic selves. I strive to create an environment of safety and trust to reconnect with this part of us and begin living a life that feels true and safe. Together, we can make sense of what is going on and work towards something different.

Individual Therapy with Adults: We will first begin by exploring the issues at hand and narrowing in on goals that you may have. Next, by understanding your strengths, we can begin to explore how therapy can be most beneficial for you. I offer guidance, but I emphasize the importance of individuals having control of the pace and outcome of our therapy. This creates a safe and reliable atmosphere to foster the highest growth potential. After the initial “symptom relief” of what has brought you into therapy (e.g. interpersonal difficulties, emotional functioning, depression/anxiety, life transition), we can begin deeper work if you feel it would be helpful. I often look into long-held patterns of behavior, beliefs about yourself, and beliefs about others that could be affecting your life in a variety of ways. Together, we will strive to make each session impactful and beneficial for life outside of the therapy room.

Couples Therapy: Many times our romantic relationships are the most important connection we have, yet in our busy lives, we may forget to prioritize them. Utilizing an Emotionally-Focused Therapy approach, we will create a space where our energy can be devoted completely to understanding and strengthening the relationship. We will begin by looking at the patterns we tend to have with our partners. Many couples find themselves in a similar “cycle” when having disagreements. By understanding the cycle fully, we can begin to do something different. The safe space created in the therapy room will allow partners to access their vulnerabilities, share them with their partners, and increase connection/emotional intimacy. I work with various couples including dating, married, monogamous, poly-amorous, and LGBTQ+.

Individual Therapy with Adolescents: Our teenage years can be the most difficult of our lives. As we are nearing adulthood, we may begin to question who we are and what we want out of life. This confusing time can lead to negative thoughts, harmful behavior, and anxiety/depression. It can feel at times like you have been thrown into the ocean with no life vest. Therapy can be utilized similarly to a flotation device; allowing your head to come above water and see where you are headed. By creating a safe space, we can begin the journey together to get where you want to be.


I received my Master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida with a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am currently a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with the state of Florida. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Tampa. I have served as a counselor intern at Metropolitan Ministries utilizing a trauma-informed approach. I have also worked as a counselor intern at Sustainable Family Services employing a family systems approach. I am currently pursuing my Emotionally-Focused Therapy certification to employ with my individual and couple clients. I am excited about this plan to continue to expand my knowledge and skill set.

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