June 14, 2016 in Psychology

Are you often finding yourself thinking thoughts such as “I have to be right all the time or else I am a failure?” or “I did a good job… I guess I just got lucky?” Sometimes our thoughts can play a key role in how we interpret events, our emotions, and even our behaviors. Understanding these often “automatic” thought patterns can be an important piece that allows us to look at the lens through which we view the world. If you find your lens is a bit “Eeyorish,” then maybe it is time to start looking at things a bit more objectively. Here are some tips to help transform those thoughts from stifling to inspiring.

-         Remember to avoid the “shoulds”, “musts”, and“oughts.” There is no hard and fast rule that says everything needs to be only one way. Creating self-imposed rules creates difficulties by setting us up to either succeed or fall short. That is one extra stress or we just don’t need.

-         Focus, focus, focus! Remember to celebrate all successes, no matter how big or small. Rather than focus on the “I can’t do it,it’s too difficult”, break down each goal you want to achieve into even tinier steps that are to be celebrated at each junction. This will help those tasks seem more manageable and attainable.

-         Remember to breathe! When times of stress or emotion are upon you, remember to take a step back, compose yourself, engage in some relaxation and come back at a later time. Important decisions are best made when one is not feeling flooded with emotion. It’s better to re-address at a later time than make a rash decision that will be difficult to deal with later.

These are some lifestyle changes that can be helpful in everyday life, with interactions with ourselves and with others. They can help transform your lens into one that is clearer and brighter.