Jeanne Peterson, Psy.D.
(813) 382-2091 confidential voicemail

Christian Berrios, Psy.D.
(813) 857-4467 confidential voicemail

Jill Langer, Ph.D., LLC.
(813) 748-3913 confidential voicemail

Gina Zuccolo, Psy.D.
(813) 357-9612 confidential voicemail

Jennifer Richardson, Psy.D.
(727) 688-5756 confidential voicemail

Susan Rarick, Ph.D.
(813) 943-4000 confidential voicemail

Jenn Tickal, Psy.D., ABPP
(813) 563-5676 confidential voicemail

Valerie Siegman, M.A.
(813) 255-4180 confidential voicemail

Dr. Kristen Davis-John
(813) 892-4082 confidential voicemail

David Alexander, Psy.D.
(813) 635-6350 Confidential voicemail

Irma Campos, Ph.D.
(813) 421-2375 confidential voicemail

Brian Doane, Ph.D.
(813) 853-5360 Confidential Voicemail

Carlos Garcia, Psy.D.
(813) 644-1791 Confidential voicemail

Sharie Fábregas, Psy.D.
(813) 419-1043 confidential voicemail

Join Us

Would you like to become a clinician at the Tampa Bay Center for Relational Psychology? We are currently offering leases to qualified licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, family therapists, social workers and mental health counselors. Please contact Dr. Jeanne Peterson at 813-382-2091 or for more information.

If you have recently completed or will be completing your doctoral degree in psychology and would like to apply for our post-doctoral training position, please send a letter of interest and your CV to Dr. Jeanne Peterson.

We look forward to hearing from you!