January 15, 2017 in Stress and Coping

The end of a season always brings about change, some welcomed and some that we would rather not be confronted with. We may not always feel the best about it because let’s face it, change is well…. different. Whether we are moving into a new home, changing careers,going back to school, ending a relationship, or finding a new hobby, we are confronted by an ever evolving process. Change can often be complicated by the fact that most of us view it as a loss in a way, however, it can lead to a road of much more fulfillment. Rather than view these changes as a type of loss,these transitions can also be viewed as the springboard that can allow us to fully focus on the here and now, the present. Once we shift our focus to become more aware, we begin to utilize mindfulness in our lives.

Mindfulness involves acceptance and awareness and is useful in many areas of life. One can learn types of meditation and learn how to focus on a specific object, sound, movement, etc. For example,looking around the room that you are in at this moment, find one object and continue to visually explore this object for several minutes...thinking only of the object and its various qualities. When your mind starts to wander, as it most likely will, continue to redirect your thoughts to the object. Now you have just incorporated mindfulness into your life. These techniques can be utilized over several seconds or even longer depending on the type of situation you are experiencing and they can be incorporated into your daily life.Mindfulness helps contribute to lowered levels of stress and anxiety and can help ease those tough times of change. Remember, when you are feeling overwhelmed, ground yourself to the here and now and travel on this new and exciting venture of life.